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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 6, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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quieting down. some of that fog around the north bay could be really tricky so be careful, 60s on the temperatures, here is tara. we have not much going out on the roadway this morning, everything looks good, if we take a live look outside, this is highway 4, traffic is moving nicely, those people are there towards concord and 880, traffic is looking good in both directions. 4:29 let's head back to the desk. >> one person is dead after a house fire in san francisco. firefighters are calling the fire suspicious. they say flames and smoke were coming from the house, afterwards firefighter found a body on the second floor. an arson investigator spend the day looking for clues.
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>> there is a little bit of suspicion which is why we have it under investigation. a neighbor was taken to the hospital for unknown reasons and they are expecting more information to be released. the victims body was recovered at the off ramp on concord avenue. at this point, the sheriff's office is not releasing any details and at this point it is a homicide. they have now agreed to surrender them to a court appointed director. they averted a federal take over and it comes after the city filed meet a judge's order that it settled a police brutality scandal nearly ten years ago. >> they have been demonstrating to the court and to the public they can produce constitutional
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policing. >> federal monitors say the report failed on key tasks such as tracking officers and reporting the use of force. new this morning, it is now legal for same sex couples to get married in the state of washington. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> that couple has been together for 35 years and received a marriage license in seattle overnight. they and others lined up shortly after the governor signed the voter approved law yesterday. >> washington state just legalized recreational marijuana. some pot smokers lit up just after midnight when the new law took affect and technically smoking in public marijuana is not legal and the feds are reminding people using marijuana is still a crime
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under federal law. we are following breaking news of a police chase and crash in san francisco. claudine wong is live near the foot of the bay bridge to show us the damage, claudine? >> reporter: we are on essex and folsom and police say they did not chase the suspect but he did fail to yield and you can see the car hooked up to the tow truck. this is the essex street on ramp and folsom street shut down so if you take a look to where the orange cones are post -- orange cones are posted. until just a few minutes ago, water was shotting through the air and flooding through this intersection. at this point, the situation is now that they are towing the car in front of this. the subject has been taken to the hospital and we don't know the extent of his injuries,
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this all started as what seemed like a very basic traffic stop. they were trying to turn on police think they were trying to turn on to the freeway and lost control and hit a fire hydrant. they are cleaning up and getting the water turned off was a big deal, we were having trouble finding the correct access points to get it turned off. we continue to monitor the situation and we will be back coming up on the morning news. ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> claudine, thank you. john mcphee is no longer on the run. coming up, why he was arrested in guatemala and what officials may do with him. 44-year-old roger clifton and 45-year-old paula klein left to drive through guardner
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nevada at some point they got stuck in the snow and her brother found her walking and took her to the hospital treated for frostbite. the other person's condition is still not known. the saturated ground gave way yesterday forcing cal trans to cover a five mile stretch. a detour is also in place on ford rally road because of flooding. now you caught some people driving through and others were turned around. >> i am not going to take a chance to ruin the car and you know it happens every year and everybody here is used to it. >> cal trans will be in effect until further notice. downed trees were cut down around the area and in mill valley a fallen tree took down power lines.
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in san francisco's neighborhoods a tree came down and one homeowner said the tree came within a couple of feet from his head. there is a series of weakened storms and plastic paper is hanging to avert water away. the damage to the paintings were averted this time and they are, woulding on ceiling off the rain from getting in by the end of the month. let's go in for tara, how is traffic looking so far? >> up on the roadways, no major incidents to report. if you look we can show you the amounts we had yesterday, so you can see folks are a driving towards the westbound area as you make your way towards the
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mcarthur maze. traffic is flowing nicely into san francisco at this hour 4:36 here is steve. we have a nice tweet from brent in pacific, i didn't encounter anything until about the caldecott tunnel and a couple of areas are reporting fog and it will report a nice dry pattern. a couple of days it is a dry pattern and inland valleys with the fog, it looks like high pressure kicks in and there is more of a northerly breeze. the end result is a win which should take care of the fog. attempts are 50s and 60s and we
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have not had any cold air, it will be cooler as the pattern brings in that direction on the northerly. thick fog, a little midst and drizzle and things are calming down, maybe saturday morning, that breeze kicks in at least it should but it will be sunny and dry for a while. thank you steve. the apology from the hospital, a leak that led to personal information about the dutches. and highway 4 through bay point, we will have more traffic coming up.
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. temperatures today are on the mild side temperatures in the 60s and we'll see a little
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bit of sun. 600 were injured in support of the country's president. this morning there were tanks deployed after fears battles. they were angry about sweeping new powers president mohamed morsi gave himself. president mohamed morsi's chief of staff said they will address the country later today and will share some important news. and house speaker john boehner discussed fiscal strategies with president barack obama in a phone call. this comes as another republican is ready to break ranges. he said he could support president barack obama's demand for an increase in tax rates as part of a comprehend sufficient plan -- comprehensive plan to cut the federal deficit. some are looking for ways to save faces a they give in.
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and maintenance costs, used by state lawmakers, at least a douse member of the legislature had repairs on those vehicles and repairs were made before lawmakers used them for their personal use. in any case the costs were thousands of dollars. >> only state in the country finally ended this program and they saw some abuse and they saw voters did not like the program and that it was a perk they could give up. >> starting this year, lawmakers are not issued any cars anymore instead they are. >> paid a moulin rate -- mileage rate for using their own vehicles. now here is a look at items where they recently confiscated them from the burglary ring. investigators have arrested two brothers and a woman all in their 20s in connection with
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thefts. if your property is part of the cache look at the web link section. according to a new census data, there were more than a 11 million immigrants living in the u.s. compared to 2007. they say the number will not go back up any time soon because of our declining economy. the dutches was released from a london hospital. this is new video of her lifing with prince william. the palace reports she is pregnant with their first child and is less than 12 weeks pregnant. the hospital is apologizing after getting tricked into diverging -- divulging her condition.
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they called the hospital pretending to be the queen and prince charles. the dutches nurse divulged her condition and sleeping pattern. ahmed wali karzai has made harsh criticisms about the united states and that story is coming up this morning. and john macphee could be released after entering you' all mall illegal -- guatemala illegally. he said he left belize to escape police persecution. a man pushing another man to his death has been arraigned. he was taken to custody on tuesday. they caught the confrontation on tape monday. davis reportedly told the
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police, the victim would not leave me alone so i pushed him. narcotics will face a minimum of 10 years in prison when he is sentenced. he was accused of stealing and took part in phony sting operations and took part in prostitution. he apologized to his family for letting them down. the gamesmanship has already started. an italian oracle accused them of spying. they planted somebody in an inflatable boat and took up close images of the yacht. the alleged transgression they say are over blown. they have until noon to request tickets to the rose
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bowl. they are hot sellers and the school reports the demand is much greater than it was the last time they went to pasadena. >> i know so many people who are dying. fans are showing up between 150 and $185 per ticket. incidentally they will face the same opponent. the names of top grammy nominees are emerging as the only ones forgetting all three for record and song of the year. they have 5 other artists, mum ford and sons and frank ocean. the grammy awards will air on january 10th. 446 is the time, let's check in with tara, no problems, that is good. of course it is still early
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in the morning, if we take a live look outside, no problems to report, i do see some emergency lights, maybe i spoke too soon there on the shoulder but i don't have any accidents to report, traffic is moving well at this hour. traffic is moving nicely into san francisco and we don't have that rain so that is good news. 880 traffic is blowing well in both directions. steve, how is it going? >> is it going nicely, how are you? >> it is going nicely, i like your tie. there is not much going on now, the rain is ending and it is changing going into a dryer pattern and i am not surprised if we go 7 to 10 days without rain . a big issue nights and
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wet even on the coast. there are areas that are socked in with fog. i know sunday will be a dry forecast and it should take care of it and tomorrow will look thick. no cold air in these systems. just like that it went back up. the jetstream is taking aim towards portland and seattle. fog will be the big story here, but some sun, maybe amidst, a little drizzle for a couple of hours and we'll see an end to that and temperatures will be in the 60s, but the only change is that north wind which kicks in. but i think it will get chewed up. a special delicacy may not be available, why some crab may not be available for christmas.
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also three people are recovering after the collision the long awaited problem that could have prevented the crash.
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. welcome back, well can they
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end the lock out they say they had a great discussion. >> into the night and the two are trying to salvage at least a partial season. apple and samsung released their battle. they are asking them to throw out a 1 billion-dollar verdict against them and they are asking them to increase what samsung is supposed to pay in damages. samsung should oh apple another billion dollars is what they are saying and samsung should not infringe on their patents. they are trying to create a new ocean preserve in california. they would ban offshore drilling in a 50 miles per hour area to mendocino counties. the ocean report streps from -- stretches from bodega -- stretches from bodega bay and
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several people are spearheading the drive. it will be difficult to find crab. a new price is keeping crab boats at the docks. they heard brokers wanted to lower the price from $3 a pound to a dollar 80. brokers say teeth man dropped sharply after thanksgiving and now they have too much of it. well people are being asked to cut back on their water use over the next few days. the recent storms stirred upset mens at -- up sediments and it could be awhile before water has turned back to normal. golden gate bridge officials are saying the injured women on the span could have been prevented. it backed up traffic for miles in both directions. they could have had a long plan
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and moveable median in place. the design work is now in its final stages which means new medians could be put into place by 2014. 4:53 is the time let's go back to tara, how are the roads? >> i know what they are talking about with the golden gate bridge, you never want to drive to the other side because there is nothing separating you except for those little plastic things and that was a tragic accident which caused a lot of back up. right now we are in pretty good shape. it is actually foggy right now and you can't see anything, this is in the fremont area. up next we have a look at the mcarthur maze, traffic is flowing nightly and we have no delays right now. you can see traffic on the right-hand side headed towards the airport and around hospital
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curve, traffic is looking good. and at the golden gate bridge, much different scene than yesterday and traffic is moving nicely into san francisco. let's check in with steve. thank tara. we had four whoppers of a system, we had low clouds and rain up in certain areas had 14 inches of rain and some in the santa cruz mountains, it is time to dry out a little bit. the only fine ointment will be the wind. unless you have a breeze it will chew it off. temperatures with condensation occurs and there in lies fog and temperatures are mild. it is not taking much to see that fog form. some of it is a low cloud deck
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and in fact there is no sign of rain on the ten day outlook. fog sun mild, thick fog, maybe some drizzle, nothing too outrageous, nothing like what we have had over the last few days. 60s for temperatures and a little bit of sun, a little drizzle as well. saturday and sunday, it looks like calm conditions and we take it in with a north wind. thank you steve. santa clara animal shelters think they can send some animals to a new home. from now until the end of the month, adoption fees will drop significantly. it will cost up to $12 to buy a new animal and this couple is adding another dog to their family. >> that he have special for $12
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so we want to make a dog happy today. >> that is exactly the reaction shelters are hoping for. they hope to give many animals a home. how can you resist that face. well, developing news from san jose. what they have told us about a serious hit-and-run accident this morning. and in san francisco, we first told you this at 4:30, a car slammed into a fire hydrant.
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. firefighters make gruesome discovery, we will tell you why we think this fire is suspicious. harsh comments about u.s. troops in afghanistan from that country's president. what he will not do until hundreds of u.s. held prisoners are released, this is all ahead on the ktvu channel


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